Become a Matchmaker

Did you know that, as an independent Matchmaker, you can be your own boss and earn a living while helping others to finda a couple?

Get our Certification Seal and you will have all the necessary support to achieve it.

Did I need any kind of  investment to become an independent Matchmaker?

You have always thought you are not made to have a boss but you do not have the idea, or the enough infrastructure, to setup your own company.

So, your best option is to become an independent Matchmaker without having to invest a lot of money and without structure or tax charges. 

Or maybe, you already work as an independent Matchmaker but you do not have support or professional recognition that will allow you to get more clients = revenue.

Certifying you as Matchmaker in MMC®, you will become part of our official Matchmakers bank so that our certified Matchmaking companies can contact you to help them to provide services to their clients, paying you for each potential candidate you present them or, even, hiring you as their trusted Matchmaker. 

What qualities do I need to be a Professional Matchmaker?


  • They have always told you that you are a “Celestina”, because you have already joined more than one couple in your environment, altruistically.
  • You love meeting new people and, besides, you’re great at doing it.
  • You have that kind of character that prefers to be independent, working at your own but in a responsible way and fulfilling the goals set. But, it gives you the willies to do it alone or without support that offers you some kind of guarantee.

In Matchmaking Corporation® we train you and give you the necessary tools to get the best out of you, as well as being part of our Network of Certified Matchmakers that guarantees exposition so that Matchmaking companies can hire you.”

Qualities needed


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