Our Company

Matchmaking Corporation© was founded with the purpose of spreading and regulating Matchmaking services in Europe and Latin America. An industry at its peak but little regulated. Our objetive is to support, train and certify those people who want to dedicate themselves to this new and lucrative sector.

But what is Matchmaking? Matchmaking is a new profession widely spread in the US and northern Europe. It appears to help a demanding public in the search of their ideal couple in a personalized, professional and ethical way; because they do not have time to invest it in the arduous task that requires doing it, currently, through traditional and digital ways.

Our Activity

Our activity includes different tools; certifications, consultancy and training courses to support people and / or companies so that they can work, in a real and non-virtual world, in an ethical and professional way, in the Matchmaking industry, as an entrepreneur, as a manager, or simply as an independent Matchmaker or recruiter.

We also make available to all those who wish to find a couple, a safe environment based on our Ethical Code so they can be contacted by professional MMC© certified Matchmakers, who will be able to give them a quality service based on their specific needs.


Company specialized in the creation, development and improvement of the Matchmaking activity in a professional and ethical enviroment.

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