Set up your own Company

Did you know that Matchmaking business revenue is more than 2 billion dollars worldwide and  is a booming profession  in a very lucrative sector?

Set up your own Matchmaking company from scratch with all the guarantees of our Certification Seal.

But …. What is Matchmaking?

How many times we have heard?: 

  • I’m tired of the dating webs and apps!
  • Why is it so hard for me to meet someone close to me?
  • How can I be sure that people in the virtual world are who they say they are?
  • Where do I find people of my same socio-cultural level?

These questions are what a professional Matchmaking company will clear up, because in a digital world we find many more options but not quality ones.

A professional Matchmaker will assure us that the people who present us are convinced and willing to start, and maintain, a stable relationship, with equal or similar values, goals, dreams and illusions, something fundamental for it to be satisfactory and lasting.

Qualities needed

Which qualities do I need to set up a Matchmaking company?

If you are…

  • A sociable person, with an enterprising spirit, active and well connected, who has always wanted to have her/his own company but lacked the “idea” of business with guaranteed success, you could make  your dream come true by setting up your own Matchmaking Company.
  • Or maybe you already works as an independent Matchmaker but do not have the resources, contacts or structure to set up your own Matchmaking company

In Matchmaking Corporation we help you from scratch starting with the design of your corporate image, web, recruitment of Clients and Candidates, legal advice, until the closing of a Matchmaking process.


Company specialized in the creation, development and improvement of the Matchmaking activity in a professional and ethical enviroment.

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