Do you want to become a Recruiter?

Why not capitalize your active social life while helping your friends find a couple in a serious and effective way?

Certify yourself as a Recruiter and you can do it formally earning extra money.

If they gave me one euro for each friend I present, I would be a millionaire!

Have you ever thought this? If so, certifying you as a Recruiter in MMC® will be available you to our network of independent Matchmaking companies and Matchmakers, which may hire you as their official Recruiter or, simply, pay you for each potential Candidate you provide to be presented to any of its exclusive clients.

Once you have been certified, you will become part of the Club MMC®, the first network of certified Matchmakers in Europe regulated by a certification based on ISO 10667 to help, in a professional way, to find a couple for those who want it.

In addition, belonging to this network, you will have access to a panel of experts, to consult questions or provide suggestions so that other Matchmakers can meet you and hire you, thus expanding your presence and additional income as certified Recruiter.

What do I get from MMC® as a Certified Recruiter?

  • Introduction to Matchmaking industry.
  • Appearance in the Web of MMC® as Recruiter
  • Pattern of Clients and Candidates profiles of the Matchmaking companies.
  • Review your goals as a Recruiter and how to capitalize them.
  • How to find and train other Recruiters yourself to multiply your income.
  • Thorough compliance with RGPD
  • Ethical code of best practices updated.
  • Network MMC®: access to a panel of experts and other certified Recruiters to expand knowledge and contacts.
Qualities needed


Company specialized in the creation, development and improvement of the Matchmaking activity in a professional and ethical enviroment.

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