Ethical COde - Matchmaking Corporation

This code defines a set of ethical and behavioral principles that try to ensure adequate professional practice of the staff of Matchmaking Corporation. It is, therefore, about establishing protocols and behavior practices that reflect the image of professionalism, quality, reliability and transparency that our partners and employees want to offer. Thus, the partners and employees of the Matchmaking Corporation team commit to practice our profession and adjust our professional practice to the following principles:

  1. Transparency: Clarity, objectivity, seriousness and honesty in relations with all parts, in the realization of expectations, prices and rates, definition of commitments and compliance, is the premise under which we work in Matchmaking Corporation. Therefore, the partners and employees of Matchmaking Corporation refuse work that is considered to be unfavorable to the client, except for reliable warning about the improbability of the success of the results.
  2. Ethics: The partners and employees of Matchmaking Corporation exercise our professional activity based on respectful behavior towards customers, competitors, the environment and society in general, and complying with all applicable legal requirements in each case.
  3. Commitment: The partners and employees of Matchmaking Corporation assume the obligations and tasks acquired, efficiently and diligently in compliance with the agreements reached with the client.
  4. Confidentiality: Beyond the experience and knowledge of the sector, the partners and employees of Matchmaking Corporation will inform the customer of any relationship, circumstance or interest that may influence the quality, the judgment or our objectivity as partners and employees and the services provided, respecting any agreement regarding restriction of information or advertising marked by the client.
  5. Free Competition: The partners and employees of Matchmaking Corporation demonstrate a loyal, cordial and respectful attitude towards competitors, not referring to the customer negative information about them and we do not use tools, methodologies and information of the competition without their prior authorization.
  6. Qualification: The partners and employees of Matchmaking Corporation have the capacity, knowledge and experience necessary to attend to the client, and of the time and adequate resources for the project. We will accept only those jobs for which we are really trained or have the necessary external support.
  7. Creation of value: The partners and employees of Matchmaking Corporation offer the client advanced solutions, with vocation for service and through the constant contribution of value in the execution of each project. The employee accepts the professional responsibility of his actions with full vocation of service towards the effective improvement of the clients.
  8. Innovation: Partners and employees of Matchmaking Corporation continuously seek and offer new ideas and solutions that provide maximum value to the customer.
  9. Quality management: The partners and employees of Matchmaking Corporation apply quality controls and processes necessary for the fulfillment of the expectations generated to the client and the acquired commitments, and to correct them in case of possible deviation or claim.
  10. Responsible professionalism: The partners and employees of Matchmaking Corporation do not assume any power or representation of the client unless agreed by the parties. The work will be finished when the project is finished, the will of the client will not be manipulated and it will not create dependence or recurrence not desired by the client or that is not based on purely technical aspects.
  11. Commitment to human and labor rights: The partners and employees of Matchmaking Corporation promote and protect Human Rights and guarantee that we do not contribute, directly or indirectly, to any violation of these. Matchmaking Corporation expresses its commitment and connection with the Human and Labor Rights recognized in national and international legislation and with the principles on which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization (ILO) are based.
  12. Respect: We must be aware of the consequences that our decisions will bring, and treat others with equality, dignity and education. The management of human resources and the relationships between employees always start with scrupulous respect for the dignity of people, and are based on the principles of trust and mutual respect. Matchmaking Coporation expressly prohibits the abuse of authority and any type of harassment, whether physical, psychological or moral, as well as any other conduct that may generate an intimidating, offensive or hostile work environment for individuals. All employees must treat each other in a respectful, professional and friendly way, in order to create a pleasant, rewarding and safe working environment that encourages people to give their best. In the same way, relations between Matchmaking Corporation employees and customers will be based on the above criteria, respect and mutual collaboration.
  13. Integrity: We behave honestly, fairly and legally with all those who have business relationships:
  • Avoid, employ and establish professional relationships with family members, as long as this may affect the objectivity of the professional practice.
  • It is not allowed to establish relationships with customers / suppliers that may call into question the independence and professional objectivity, nor manifest attitudes that suppose an abuse of power to harm or benefit a third party linked to the business. Conflict of interest is understood as any situation in which an employee makes use of his position or his personal relationships in a way that compromises his necessary professionalism, thus being able to infer particular benefits or benefits for the company.
  • Matchmaking Corporation employees must not offer, give or accept any gift, payment or other benefit that seeks to achieve an improper advantage.
  • In no case will the people of Matchmaking Corporation resort to illegal or unethical practices to influence the will of persons outside the company in order to obtain any benefit for Matchmaking Corporation, or for themselves. They will also remain alert so that there are no cases in which other people or organizations make use of these practices in their relationship with the company.
  • Matchmaking Corporation expressly prohibits non-contractual or illicit payments to any person or entity, public or private, with the intention of obtaining or maintaining business or other benefits or advantages. The employees of Matchmaking Corporation may not make, offer or receive, directly or indirectly, any payment in cash, in kind or any other benefit that, by its value, its characteristics or its circumstances, may reasonably alter the development of the relationships commercial, administrative or professional in which they intervene. Likewise, employees will refrain from facilitating payments or streamlining procedures, consisting of the delivery of money or other things of value, whatever their amount, in exchange for ensuring or expediting the course of a procedure or action against any judicial body, public administration or official body anywhere in the world.
  • The professionals of Matchmaking Corporation are committed to compliance with the internal procedures established for the awarding processes, including, especially, those related to the approval of suppliers. The company will promote and disseminate the contents and principles of this Code of Ethics among its suppliers. In particular, those contents that refer explicitly to the relationship of Matchmaking Corporation with its collaborating companies.
  • All our suppliers, regardless of the product supplied or the service provided, must accept the Code of Ethics, and commit to comply with its principles as a base element of our business relationship. In this sense, they may be subject to the checks that Matchmaking Corporation deems appropriate at any time.


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