Certified Company Rights & Responsabilities

Matchmaking Corporation© (MMC) is created with the object to improve and regulate the Matchmaking activity in a professional and ethical environment.

For this reason, all matchmaking companies, matchmakers or recruiters certified by MMC©, must firmly to fulfill the following decalogue:

  1. All of its operating processes comply with the specifications set by the certification in terms of quality, ethics and professionalism.
  2. Your evaluation processes of Customers and Candidates have been reviewed according to our certification based on ISO 10667 (People Evaluation). They are rigorous, precise, equitable processes and referenced in the good practices of the Matchmaking industry.
  3. All documentation provided to Customers and Candidates will clearly incorporate their rights and responsibilities; as well as the established processes for suggestions and claims.
  4. All accept the arbitration of MMC© before the claims of Customers and Candidates raised to MMC© through their contact email (info@matchmakingcorporation.com) which will be addressed in order to propose the corrective actions MMC© deem necessary.
  5. Strict compliance with the legality of the protection and confidentiality of Customers and Candidates  data according to the new European Law RGPD.
  6. Preparation and compliance with an ethical code.
  7. Commitment to continuous improvement through specific training.
  8. Define indicators to assess compliance with the marked service standards. Compliance with the minimum defined in the certification is mandatory and transparent.
  9. They offer perfectly defined services where the customer and the candidate always know its scope, its nature and its exact conditions of provision so there will not be any surprises!.
  10. They are oriented to active listening to the Customer and Candidate during all phases of the process by providing the service for the permanent search for quality.